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Another Little Roadside Kiss is Chase Stevens' newest single, now out at Radio across Canada and Australia. And currently climbing the Canadian Indie Country Chart. Shot in Mississauga and Caledon, Ontario. 

For over 70 years the initials H.W.R. remained anonymous, carved into the side of a tree in a little town in northern Holland. A Ranger named Booi Kluiving discovered the tree and took a photo of it. Dutch journalist, Ernst Arbouw saw the photo and set out to see if he could trace who the initials belonged too. He was able to connect the initials to a young WWII Canadian soldier named Harold Wilbert Rozsell.

Tragically Harold was killed shortly after he would have carved his initials and sadly just a few days before he was to return home.

Visited Ireland in July 2019 and absolutely fell in love with the Country, especially the castles. Wrote this song about Sabina Nugent who still roams the halls of Ross Castle, north of Dublin in search of the love of her life, who drowned while they tried to elope. Most of the photos were taken during this trip.

CTV National News did a wonderful story on Remembrance Day 2019 around my song H.W.R. and the story of this Canadian Hero. And it was so nice that I was able to meet H.W.R.'s neice.

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