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Track 1

Southbound Out of Town


Bundle up your memories,

Toss them in the car and escape with me

These cold nights and short days are not what we need

Stepped outside I could see my breath

Though the last leaves haven’t fallen yet

Don’t even want to think of what’s coming next

I’ve got a breakout get away plan we can run tonight


So I’ll get the motor running, this day has been a long coming

The California sun would look so good on you

Heaven knows where the road will take us, we won’t stop, not even in Vegas

Not until we have an ocean view. Say you’ll come with me

Southbound Out of Town, never come back around

Let’s go Sounthbound Out of Town, and never come back around.



Crank our favourite summer tunes

We’ll hit the border town by noon

Take one look back then gun it through

Sure we’ll fly by the seat of our pants

Honey ain’t life about taking a chance

The only thing I know is that we’ll never come back

I’ve got a breakout plan and the time is tonight




We’ll steal away like bandits on a hope and a prayer

A few tanks of gas and honey we’re there


Words and Music by Chase Stevens © 2014

Track 2

The World Sure Has Changed


He looked up from his beer and right out of the blue

He said I don’t know what this world is coming too

Most nights I can’t stand to watch the evening news

So I drift down here and end up on this stool


But I remember years ago, we never locked our doors, always said hello

Parents left their kids out front to play (1st chorus)

We didn’t mind when someone cut into our lane (2nd chorus)

We knew everyone on our street by their first name (3rd chorus)

Sunday’s we would take it slow, everything in town just stayed closed

But when we shopped things were Canadian made

How I miss those good old days, man the world sure has changed.



He said I don’t know why everyone’s in such a rush

Never thought I’d see the day getting by would cost so much

We’ve got all these things but it never seems enough

And I don’t see how they’re making life easy for us




But it’s the same sun and moon hanging in the same big old sky

The same heavenly stars that young hearts fall in love by

The same deep blue oceans that roll up and meet the same sandy shores

The world still spins from east to west but nothing is quite the same as it was before


Words and Music by Chase Stevens © 2014

Track 3

Wanna Get Being a Daddy Right


He rolled down the window as he rolled down the road

To the church he’d passed a million times

But today was different, he knew his life would never be the same

A child had been born who carried his last name


He said Lord help me be the best father that I can

I knew I’d want to talk to you today when I held my daughter’s hand

I’m not asking about forgiveness for mistakes that I have made

Things I’m not so proud of I’ve done along the way

I’ll save that for another time

I just Wanna Get Being a Daddy Right


She pulled on his heart strings as he pulled on the door

Took a deep breath and step inside

Through stain glass windows sunlight came streaming in

Lit a path across the floor to where he was standing



I wanna be there to read stories, she first steps that she takes

Help her learn to ride a bicycle, show up at her school plays

I want to do everything I can to show her just how loved she is

And end off every night with her daddy’s hug and kiss


Words & Music by Chase Stevens © 2012


Track 4



On a table by her bed she kept travel magazines

Dog eared at the pages, places she’d never been

She always said she’d get there, thought her favourite would be LA 


In her kitchen was a jar filled with end of day loose change

She’d saved more than enough to get on that westbound plane

She would laugh and say that, life just gets in the way

But Someday



We all have chances we never take

And roads we never drive

Dreams that we tuck away

Mountains we never climb

Make promises to ourselves that we let come undone

Even though we know Someday

Someday sometimes never comes


She kept her faith in Jesus, was a mother round the clock

Made countless lunch and dinners, always was the family rock

She volunteered her daytime but at night she’d drift away

To Someday



Oh Someday, yeah Someday

Someday sometimes never comes


I went out to the West Coast, looked out over the sea

Waited for the moment to let her soul fly free

And as the sun touched down on a distant rolling wave

I looked up to Heaven

And I said momma, this is your Someday

Words by Chase Stevens

Music by Chase Stevens & Dayna Shereck © 2016

Track 5



There’s a Friday, I’ve got marked on the calendar

A full Harvest moon, comes along with that

I’ll pick you up at five, head out on a country drive

To a little place, off the beaten track


Where we will shut it down, turn it off

And turn on this love we’ve got

Leave the whole Wi-Fi world behind

Don’t need to send or receive a text

I’ve got a better way that we’ll connect

And this time it’s naturally, oh this time it’s naturally


We’ll build a fire, have a little bit of wine

Wrap ourselves, in a blanket of stars

And we will take the night, where ever we like

‘Cause nobody will, know where we are



We’ll get caught up on what we’ve been missing

I think there might be a little skinny dipping

I know for sure they’ll be lots of kissing

And we won’t need a gps to find our way around


Words & Music © Chase Stevens 2014

Track 6

The Leaving



On a cool sunny Tuesday                 

She caught a flight on a south plane                    

Headed off to the Carolina coast               

A change of scenery would sure help

Heal the pain that her heart felt

An ocean breeze is always good for the soul

She hadn’t broken a vow, up until right now

She couldn’t stay till death do them part



But she said what really hurts

Is while she was trying to make it work

Time slipped away with her youth and dreams

And that’s what feels the worst.

There were nights she laid awake barely breathing

Crying and just staring at the ceiling

Thinking about The Leaving

Oh The Leaving



They dug in on either side

Of a gap that grew a canyon wide

In a big old house that always felt so cold

Oh she knew that love shouldn’t be that tough

And she was past the point of had enough



When she left she locked the door

Slipped the key under the mat

Along with her wedding ring

She wouldn’t be needing that, she wasn’t coming back



Words & Music by Chase Stevens © 2015

Track 7

Throw Away the Key



Like a fugitive running from the law

Kept my heart two steps ahead of getting caught

Sooner or later good love always wins

So I’m here to turn myself in


Cause I’m guilty of Love in the First Degree

I think you should throw the book at me

I’m not asking for your leniency

I think it’s only right, that you would give me life

You’re just what I need

You can throw away the key


My tumbleweed ways have rolled into dust

Want to put down roots and think in terms of us

Didn’t see this coming, but I love the way it feels

Don’t need a plea bargain deal



I’ve been running for so long, long as I can remember

All I needed all along, was to give-in to this sweet surrender



Words and Music by Chase Stevens & Carrie DeMaeyer © 2016

Track 8

Take the Long Scenic Way Around



He kept crumpled maps with hand drawn routes

Brochures with palm’s and swimming pools

Postcards that were never sent

From every place I think we ever went

Those summer drives, were the best of times


When he would roll us down the highway between neon signed motels

Stopped at every scenic lookout point

We would count the water towers and punch buggies that went by

We only ate in little roadside joints

He would say if you want to feel the heartbeat of this Country

You Take the Long Scenic Way Around

Yeah you Take the Long Scenic Way Around, and stay in small towns


Oh those western skies with Texaco stars

And cruising with our feet sticking out of the car

He sure loved that old Ford

Bucket seats, hard top, four doors

And those windy roads, we loved them the most




He sure enjoyed those family road trips

Love of his life by his side, back seat filled with his kids

Windows rolled down and radio on

He’d crank it up a little bit, when they played our favourite songs



Words & Music by Chase Stevens © 2018

Track 9

Can't Get Over You



Can't even listen to late night music

Reminisce about our days, I lose it

Every song I hear reminds me of you

There’s no point in trying to find a place that

I can’t remember you and I ever being at

Everywhere I go, you’re still in my view

I can’t get over you



I can’t get over you saying goodbye

I can’t get over watching your fading taillights

I can’t get over knowing things aren’t like they use to be

I can’t get over you, getting over me



I use to think you were sent from above

With a heaven made soul mate kind of love

I always thought we’d last till the end of time

I’ve tried drinking and I’ve done some praying

Neither one is working, I’m just saying

Don’t know what it will take

To make things fine

I can’t get over you





You were my everything

The air that I breathe

You were my moon and stars

I never thought you’d leave




Words & Music by Chase Stevens © 2015

Track 10




If I should die tonight, I hope you will remember me

I’m carving my initials, in this forest on this tree

So if the good Lord decides this is the last place on Earth I see

H.W.R. that’s me



I came in the name of freedom, for the love of my Country

Came to keep evil from ever taking these shores

Standing with our Dutch Brothers in Arms

Together we fight, we’ll win this war



But if I should die tonight, I want you to remember me

I’m carving my initials, in this forest on this tree

So if the good Lord decides this is the last place on Earth I see

H.W.R. that’s me



Been hunkered down in these trenches, in this northern town of Eelde 

The winter was hell, always chilled to the bone

Sure is nice to feel this April sun

And know in a fewr days I’ll be going home



Going home, oh how I miss my family

Going home, hope my mother will be proud of me



But if I should die tonight, I want you to remember me

I’m carving my initials, in this forest on this tree

So if the good Lord decides this is the last place on Earth I see

H.W.R. that’s me

Private Harold Wilbert Roszel, that’s me


 Words & Music by Chase Stevens ©2018


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